108 top insights on Generation X, Y, Z and Alpha

GENERATION X or Gen Xers (1965 to 1980)

Family values — Gex X values work-life balance

  1. Gen Xers are family-oriented, financially responsible and self-reliant.

Education — Gen Xers are eager to learn

Career — Gen Xers work to live, not live to work

Consuming habits — Gen Xers are looking for discounts and loyalty programs

Communication — 55% of Gen Xers use WhatsApp

Aspirations/Fears/Challenges — The average successful startup founder is a Gen Xer

Psychological profile — Gen Xers don’t let negative feedback stop them

GENERATION Y or Millennials (1981 to 1995)

Family values — My child is one of my best friends

Education — Skill development is crucial for the Millennial’s career

Career — Money, security and time-off

Consuming habits — Millennials desire “experiences over things”

Social relationships — Millennials believe in changing communities

Communication — Millennials like infotainment

Aspirations/Fears/Challenges — Millennials are looking for purpose and fear failure

Psychological profile — Looking for a healthy lifestyle

GENERATION Z or Gen Zers (1996 to 2009)

Family values — Gen Zers are influencing family decisions

Education — On track to be the most well-educated generation

Career — Failure helps Gen Zers learn and grow

Consuming habits — Gen Zers’ purchasing decisions reflect their values and identity

Social relationships — Video and virtual dating are important to Gen Zers

Communication — Gen Zers express their emotions through emojis

Aspirations/Fears/Challenges — Important life goals of Gen Zers: making money and having a successful career

Psychological profile — Mental health challenges and feeling responsible to shape a better future for all

GENERATION ALPHA (2010 to 2024)



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