Jonah Berger, Consumer Behaviour Expert has joined BRAND MINDS 2022 to share his insights on getting your content viral!

DANIEL PINK’S SPEECH AT BRAND MINDS is called To Sell Is Human: The New ABCs of Moving Others

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Who are the BRAND MINDS 2022 speakers?

World Famous Psychologist & Bestselling Author Jordan B. Peterson is joining BRAND MINDS 2022.

Copywriting is the art of influencing your audience. Follow these 10 essential copywriting rules to achieve your goals.

Copywriting rule #1 — Write your copy in the second person — YOU

GENERATION X or Gen Xers (1965 to 1980)

Photo by formatoriginal

1. SEO recommendation #1 — Statistics

Dr Max Goodwin, New Amsterdam on CNBC

6 leadership lessons from the popular TV medical drama New Amsterdam

1. Serve your people

Did you know 92% of Japanese women own a Louis Vuitton bag?

Louis Vuitton is leading the global luxury goods industry.

This is the brand’s story.

Louis Vuitton — the most valuable luxury brand in the world

A scene from Hamilton, the musical

Hamilton, the cultural phenomenon surpassed $1 billion in global sales


BRAND MINDS 2022: Jordan B. Peterson, Gary Vee, Daniel Pink, Jonah Berger, Whitney Johnson +3 more speakers to be announced. Tickets

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