April Fools’ Day, brands rocking the Metaverse and the cognitive bias helping your customers make the right decision

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Happy April Fools’ Day!

It’s April 1st so prepare to be pranked. Or maybe you’re the prankster in your family or in the workplace in which case we wish your jokes make a lot of people laugh. Just remember: laugh with people, not on people.

April Fools’ Day is celebrated internationally. But when did it start and how? Here’s a short explanation from The Library of Congress:

People have long speculated about the origins of this most foolish holiday, suggesting the Roman Saturnalia, Druidic rites in Britain, the carnivalesque medieval celebration of the Feast of Fools, and even the Indian festival of Holi as possible origins. But despite attempts to establish an earlier origin for the day, clear references to a tradition of fooling in April don’t begin until the late Middle Ages.[…]

The first certain reference to April Fools’ Day comes from a 1561 Flemish poem by Eduard De Dene […] In the poem, a nobleman sends his servant on crazy, fruitless errands. The servant recognizes that he is being sent on “fool’s errands” because it’s April 1.

Do brands make pranks? Yes, they do.

The best prank we’ve seen this year comes from Duolingo. The language learning application began embracing the countless memes about the “evil” owl Duo, the brand’s mascot, in 2019 and now they’ve built an entire campaign on this narrative.

What brands are rocking the Metaverse?

What brands are going into the Metaverse apart from Meta, formerly known as Facebook, which announced last year that is planning to hire 10,000 people in the European Union to work on the metaverse?

No one company will own and operate the metaverse. Like the internet, its key feature will be its openness and interoperability. Bringing this to life will take collaboration and cooperation across companies, developers, creators and policymakers (source).

3 Brands establishing a presence in the metaverse:

  1. GUCCI

To celebrate the brand’s centenary last year, Gucci in collaboration with Roblox, the million-user gaming platform, did a virtual recreation of a real-world installation in Florence, the Gucci Garden. The space offered various themed rooms where players could try on and purchase digital Gucci products.


Last year, the famous fashion brand created an adventure game to pay homage to its founder and mark 200 years from its launch in France. The player is prompted to collect 200 birthday candles, retrace Louis Vuitton’s story and find one of the 30 NFTs offered by the brand.


The latest to bring its customers into the metaverse is Wendy’s which is set to open a virtual restaurant in Meta’s Horizons World on April 2.

Here’s more per Adweek:

The so-called “Wendyverse” will be accessible to Americans and Canadians who own Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset starting on April 2. In addition to a scale replica of a fast food location, the metaverse gathering place will feature a Fanta-filled park fountain, a giant statue of the company’s mascot and a basketball court to coincide with the final rounds of March Madness.

The Framing Effect cognitive bias

Your customers’ decisions are influenced by the way information is presented to them. So it’s important to know what cognitive biases help your customers make the right decisions.

The Framing Effect bias states that customers tend to choose the option that they perceive as more valuable. In this case “80% Fat-Free”.

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