BRAND MINDS 2019: What You’ve Missed


BRAND MINDS 2019 has just ended and it was an amazing event!

Our 7th edition of BRAND MINDS filled Sala Palatului to capacity:

If you didn’t attend our conference this year, here’s what you’ve missed:

  • One full-day of intensive business strategy training;
  • A live experience like you’ve never seen before;
  • Learning how to take your business to the next level;
  • Opportunity for high-level networking through the BRAND MINDS app;
  • Making new connections;
  • Laughs, good food and great energy on and off the stage;
  • A life-changing experience overall.

18 Insightful Takeaways from BRAND MINDS 2019

Each and every one of our speakers has delivered amazing keynotes pack-full with actionable insights, inspiration and tips & trick to advance your business, your career and personal development.

Robert Cialdini @ BRAND MINDS 2019 —
  1. If you mention a weakness in your speech, people will find you trustworthy;
  2. Pre-suasion is the practice of getting people sympathetic to your message before they experience it.
Grant Cardone @ BRAND MINDS 2019 —
  1. Wherever your attention goes is where your money goes;
  2. People buy from people they know. Not people they trust.
Denise Jacobs @ BRAND MINDS 2019 —
  1. The inner critic is actually a protective mechanism;
  2. Creativity feels a lot like magic, but it isn’t.
Hitendra Wadhwa @ BRAND MINDS 2019 —
  1. To be true to yourself, you should be able to freely express yourself: thoughts, feelings, values, personality, desire;
  2. Commit yourself to a journey of continual learning and growth — to awaken to your true self.
Guy Kawasaki @ BRAND MINDS 2019 —
  1. Changing your mind is a sign of strength and cleverness;
  2. Innovation is a process. Not an event.
Yuval Noah Harari @ BRAND MINDS 2019 —
  1. It’s easier to manipulate a system than to understand it;
  2. In the future, your mobile phone can be incorporated into your body with functions as analyzing your emotions, feelings, your state of the body. We will operate with 2 brains, your current one plus the bionic brain.
Yuval Noah Harari @ BRAND MINDS 2019 —

Goodbye BRAND MINDS 2019 — Hello BRAND MINDS 2020

For the past four editions, our conference has been sold out 3 months in advance leaving many people joining the waiting list in the hope that someone will not be able to attend the event and relinquish their ticket.

BRAND MINDS 2020 — Confirmed Speakers

Malcolm Gladwell — World’s Top Journalist
Martin Lindstrom — World’s Top Marketing Expert
Michio Kaku — World’s Top Scientist

More Guest Star Speakers to be announced soon!

In the following months, we will update our speakers’ lineup so follow our social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) to be the first to know!

Join us in our mission of Uniting the Business World and enjoy a life-changing business experience!

BRAND MINDS 2022: Jordan B. Peterson, Gary Vee, Daniel Pink, Jonah Berger, Whitney Johnson +3 more speakers to be announced. Tickets