BRAND MINDS 2020: 15 World-Class Speakers, a 3-Day Digital Event

Dear World-Changer,

We have exciting news!

As you already know, BRAND MINDS is about providing business leaders, teams and professionals with relevant knowledge allowing them to fast-track their business and personal growth.

Our event has grown by the thousands every year since our first edition: from 300 attendees in 2015 to 4200 attendees in 2019 to 15.000 expected attendees in 2020.

We are excited to announce the launch of an exceptional online event:


BRAND MINDS 2020 has been transformed into a DIGITAL EVENT

The well-being of our participants is the organizer’s main responsibility and comes on top, before everything else.


By joining the conference, attendees receive valuable insights from world-renowned speakers, inspiration to carve their own path and a clear direction for their business.

15 WORLD-CLASS EXPERTS including Brené Brown, Simon Sinek and Nicholas Nassim Taleb

2020 is the year we will all remember forever.

Whether you’ve chosen to spend your time in self-isolation baking bread, learning how to look good on a Zoom call, homeschooling your children or spending hours on TikTok, we will definitely tell stories about our experiences to our grandchildren.

Here at BRAND MINDS, we have taken upon ourselves to give you a different reason to remember 2020.

We want you to remember this year as the one you’ve watched an amazing lineup of speakers at BRAND MINDS 2020.

So we doubled the number of our speakers: instead of seven speakers, you are invited to learn from 15 world-class experts.

Due to the current global situation, we know businesses are now tackling new challenges and striving to meet unprecedented needs. To support business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders and CEOs, six new speakers have joined BRAND MINDS GROWTH WEEKEND:

Brené Brown, Simon Sinek, Nicholas Nassim Taleb, Reneé Mauborgne, Nick Vujicic and Neil Pasricha.

Here’s the complete lineup of speakers that will rock BRAND MINDS 2020 GROWTH WEEKEND:

Brené Brown — Researcher and Bestselling author
Simon Sinek — Optimist and Bestselling author
Nicholas Nassim Taleb — Bestselling Author & Risk Analyst
Reneé Mauborgne — Bestselling Author of Blue Ocean Strategy & Blue Ocean Shift
Nick Vujicic — World Famous Motivational Speaker
Neil Pasricha — Bestselling Author & Psychology Researcher
Malcolm Gladwell — World Famous Journalist
Gary Vaynerchuk — World Famous Entrepreneur
Mark Manson — Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur
Werner Vogels — CTO & VP Amazon
Michio Kaku — World Famous Scientist
Tara Westover — Bestselling Author
Martin Lindstrom — World Famous Marketing Expert
Annicken R Day — Leadership & Culture Strategist
Richard Quest — CNN International Anchor

Yes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! We not only got everything going, but we also got it bigger than ever before.

9 reasons to join BRAND MINDS 2020 — THE GROWTH WEEKEND

Enjoy a 3-Day Outstanding Business Experience

BRAND MINDS 2020 has upgraded from a 1-DAY event to a 3-DAY GROWTH WEEKEND.

15 World-Class Experts

Learn from the best experts of the moment how to integrate LEADERSHIP, MARKETING and ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT to help you scale up your business.

Connect with a Global Community of World Changers

Over 15.000 business professionals in 50 countries all over the world are joining BRAND MINDS 2020. Take this opportunity to develop new business relationships by joining the event’s social media groups: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Watch BRAND MINDS from the comfort of your home

Enjoy the best content for your personal growth and your company development from the comfort of your own living room.

Network with the Global Elite

Business Professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world join BRAND MINDS each year.
At the event, you have the opportunity to network online with elite world-changers through the event’s complex networking platform.

Grow your TEAM

BRAND MINDS is the best INVESTMENT in your team! It combines business strategy, leadership, marketing, creativity and consumer psychology to help your team develop your brand and company.

TICKET HOLDERS are already enrolled

If you bought a pass before June 15th 2020, you are already enrolled to BRAND MINDS 2020 GROWTH WEEKEND — Digital Event on September 25th — 27th.


If you bought a pass before June 15th 2020, you receive one complimentary ticket from the same category in order to inspire your team and business partners.

Attend Martin Lindstrom’s VIP Session on Digital Strategy

On September 27th, business ticket holders are invited to attend Martin Lindstrom’s VIP Session on digital strategy.

In a world that is going through difficult times, world-changers learn more to adapt and evolve.

Be a world-changer and join the BRAND MINDS 2020 Growth Weekend!

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