Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter, new digital tools and an interview with the Managing Director of BMW Romania

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Elon Musk made an offer to buy 100% of Twitter

Only ten days after news outlets reported that Elon had purchased 9.2% of Twitter shares, another announcement is shaking the world: Elon Musk offered $43 billion to buy Twitter. Why eat a piece of cake when you can have the whole cake for yourself?

Some say Elon Musk owning Twitter is the only way the platform will move forward with “ changes that need to be made” like open sourcing the algorithm and giving users an Edit button.

The Twitter Board of Directors met and reviewed the offer carefully later today and reportedly rejected Musk’s offer. They are also taking steps to protect Twitter from a hostile takeover from Musk by a “poison pill”.

What is a “poison pill”? A poison pill is a defense strategy allowing existing shareholders the right to purchase additional shares at a discount, effectively diluting the ownership interest of the hostile party. Poison pills are common among companies under fire from activist investors or in hostile takeover situations.

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Digital tools for the savvy marketer

Glimpse — Google Trends Supercharged

The Glimpse Chrome extension adds enriched data to the default Google Trends experience, with elements like search volume, related trends, longtail keyword analysis, and more.

The tool is commonly used for SEO keyword research, finding new business opportunities, investment research, ecommerce product selection and more.

Free Marketing Calendar from CoSchedule


Flourish — data visualization and storytelling

Flourish is a wonderful platform allowing marketers to turn data into stunning charts, maps and interactive stories. It was recently acquired by Canva, so exciting developments are expected from the small London studio, in the near future.

Interview with Dr Josef Reiter, Managing Director BMW Romania

Dr Josef Reiter, Managing Director BMW Romania

BMW is a long-standing partner of BRAND MINDS and the event’s Innovation Partner for the 2022 edition.

To find out more about BMW’s strategy for innovation, Managing Director BMW Romania Dr Josef Reiter was kind enough to answer a few questions. Read the interview.

What are the most innovative countries in the world?

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BRAND MINDS 2023: James Clear, Renée Mauborgne, Duncan Wardle, Lynda Gratton with more global thinkers to be announced soon. Tickets https://brandminds.com

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