Guess the next speaker and you might win an autographed book!

4 min readFeb 1, 2022



On February 3rd, we will announce the next speaker at BRAND MINDS.

Until then, join our challenge and guess his/her name and you could win an autographed book!

To help you guess correctly, we have prepared a clue.

It’s an extract from his/her bestselling book:

“The research literature has identified three factors that universally lead to stress: uncertainty, the lack of information and the loss of control.”

Send us your guess and you might win a signed international bestseller!

Curious to know who the next speaker is joining?

The current lineup for BRAND MINDS 2022 is comprised of outstanding speakers sharing amazing business strategies, insights and ideas on entrepreneurship, personal development, sales & marketing, innovation, leadership and team development.



@GaryVee is described as one of the most forward thinkers in business. His expertise in anticipating patterns helps entrepreneurs understand how these shifts influence markets and customers.

At BRAND MINDS, Gary will be speaking about the ultimate strategies to build outstanding businesses.

Key learnings:

  • How to scale up a company in today’s digital world;
  • Tactics to increase your business’ revenues by leveraging digital channels;
  • Strategies on how to build efficient business partnerships;
  • Actionable insights on how to amplify your company’s image.

Did you know Gary Vaynerchuk has recently launched a new book?

His latest book, Twelve and a half sold 1 million copies in 24 hours and two months since launch, it is already a USA Today bestseller.


Jordan B. Peterson, a renowned expert on the understanding of personality, will deliver a memorable speech about the 12 rules for a successful life.

You will learn:

  • The Big Five Personality traits;
  • How to improve your ability to deal with and understand those around you who have different personalities;
  • Valuable insights to guide you towards a more courageous, truthful and meaningful life.


With +20 years of research, consulting & coaching, Whitney Johnson helps leaders to acquire the necessary skills for leading teams with confidence and a strategic approach.

On the BRAND MINDS 2022 stage, Whitney Johnson will talk about leadership and the best tactics for building an extraordinary team.

You will learn:

  • The 7 accelerants of personal disruption;
  • Where is your team on the S Curve of Learning ™;
  • How to leverage disruption in your team’s favour.

On January 11th, Whitney Johnson launched Smart Growth: How to grow your people to grow your company. In her book, Whitney Johnson dives more deeply than ever into the S curve of growth and learning and illustrates ways in which the organization can create a thriving culture.

Also, she was recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the Top 10 Global Management Thinkers.


Named one of the most influential management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, Daniel Pink writes and creates at the intersection of work, psychology, and society.

At BRAND MINDS, Daniel Pink will deliver a remarkable speech about the new rules of selling and influence.

Key learnings:

  • 5 ways to frame messages to increase clarity and lead to action;
  • Why problem finding has become more important than problem-solving;
  • Why questioning your abilities before a sales call is more effective than pumping yourself up;
  • Why the most effective salespeople are not extroverts;
  • 2 principles that can move your sales from transactions to conversions.


Angela Oguntala is a strategy expert on futuristic innovation who is consulting companies on how to design their internal process for a thriving business future.

She has rich expertise in sustainable transitions and experimental processes that catalyse innovation. She has led innovation projects and advised global organizations with billions in revenue, among which we mention: Microsoft, IKEA, Hermes, Philips and more others.

Angela will be talking about innovation frameworks and how to rethink your company for the future.

You will learn:

  • How futuristic thinking impacts an organisation’s core values & practices;
  • Processes that will facilitate futuristic thinking;
  • How to nurture foresight mindsets & enhance your team’s capabilities.


On the second day of BRAND MINDS 2022, attendees will participate in Jonah Berger’s 5-hour Marketing Strategy Masterclass and will learn about the secret science of viral ideas.

Key takeaways:

  • How to design messages, ads and information that people will share;
  • 5 hidden factors that impede change and how by mitigating them, you can change anything;
  • 6 basic principles driving all sorts of things to become popular.




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