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  1. How to crush it in BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT;
  2. The latest LEADERSHIP MODELS & organizational culture;
  4. A new outlook on PERSONAL GROWTH;
  5. What makes a GREAT STORYTELLING;
  6. DIVERSITY & INCLUSION driving business value;
  7. Global trends in SCIENCE and INNOVATION.


The world-famous entrepreneur joined the family’s liquor business when he was 14 and grew it from $3 million to $60 million in sales in just five years. He is now a media icon, founder of a digital empire and a bestselling author.

At BRAND MINDS LIVE, Gary will share his insights on how to leverage business growth.

In any industry, business success is closely tied to finding ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. One way to achieve this is to find the blue ocean.

Renée Mauborgne is the co-creator of the blue ocean strategy. The result of the 30-year research, the blue ocean concept states that successful companies focus on creating new demand and turning non-customers into customers.

Join BRAND MINDS LIVE and learn more about the blue ocean strategy!

Cashflow, bottom line, partnerships, acquisitions within the industry, strategic movements by competitors and the ups and downs of the stock market. This is just some of the information and data that business leaders need to take into account and analyze when making decisions.

Richard Quest, the renowned journalist and CNN International Anchor, is synonymous with expert business analysis providing informed commentary on the biggest business stories for the past twenty years.

Doing business often means taking the road less travelled and tackling unforeseen challenges. Resilience, adaptability and embracing uncertainty are some of the qualities and skills that business leaders and their teams are required to develop if they want to be successful.

In a nutshell, it’s imperative they become antifragile. And that’s what antifragile concept creator Nassim Nicholas Taleb will talk about at BRAND MINDS LIVE.


Simon Sinek identified and developed several leadership concepts including the concept of Why and the golden circle. His leadership frameworks are applied by businesses worldwide.

At BRAND MINDS LIVE, he will talk about how leaders should play the infinite game in leadership in order to be successful in business.

Creating a high-performing culture is also the responsibility of the leader. Research reports have found that employee happiness is not linked exclusively to a high paycheck. 79% of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving.

Learn how to increase employee engagement from Annicken R Day, leadership & culture strategist.


Martin Lindstrom, a pioneer in the fields of consumer psychology, marketing, and neuro-marketing research will share his valuable insights on recently discovered global trends.

An experienced professional leading the marketing departments for billion-dollar companies, currently Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, Bozoma Saint John will share her views on the future of marketing and the type of short-term and long-term goals businesses should include in next year’s marketing campaigns.


If one of your goals is to be a great leader, you first need to learn to lead yourself which is the topic of Neil Pasricha’s speech at BRAND MINDS LIVE.

Since 2005, Nick Vujicic has been travelling the world sharing his lessons of hope and strength with millions of people. At BRAND MINDS LIVE, he will empower you to live your life without limits.

In his bestselling books, Mark Manson says a happy life means to choose the problems you want to solve. He also has unique points of view on what success actually is that people may not be aware of.

Whatever direction you choose on your journey to personal development, it’s all about educating yourself. Education is powerful and bestselling author Tara Westover comes to BRAND MINDS LIVE to share her personal experiences.



Brené Brown and Austin Channing Brown will have a conversation on equity and representation, while Aduke Onafowokan will speak about diversity and inclusive leadership.


One of the early blockchain pioneers in Europe, Beniamin Mincu’s talk at BRAND MINDS LIVE will focus on blockchain as a new economic era.

In today’s world, everything is intertwined. Developments in technology influence industries such as healthcare and commerce and have a profound effect on human behaviour.

Michio Kaku, one of the most widely recognized figures in science in the world today comes to BRAND MINDS LIVE to talk about the future of science.

Less than 10 days until BRAND MINDS LIVE!
Hurry up and get your tickets!

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