Mark Manson, the surprise speaker at BRAND MINDS 2022

The BRAND MINDS team is excited to announce a new speaker: Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur Mark Manson.

A life-changing decision shaped Mark’s future

The young man’s name is Mark Manson, and this is the moment that shaped his future.

Intellect is great. Work ethic is great. Ability to adapt is definitely necessary. But you also need the emotional drive to push you to achieve your dreams.

Mark Manson

Author of three #1 New York Times bestselling books

Will (2021), by Will Smith and Mark Manson

He wrote it in collaboration with Hollywood star Will Smith about his life story. This memoir is the product of a profound journey of self-knowledge, a reckoning with all that your will can get you and all that it can leave behind. It’s the story of how one exceptional man mastered his own emotions, written in a way that can help everyone else do the same.

Oprah Winfrey said the book is “The best memoir I’ve ever read”.

For his amazing storytelling, Mark was awarded the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Achievement.

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck (2016)

What makes it so powerful?

Because it questioned our conventional wisdom on what makes us happy.

As Mark says in the book’s description, “it’s all about self-improvement not through avoiding problems or always being happy, but rather through engaging and improving upon problems and learning to accept the occasional unhappiness.”

Life is not about getting rid of problems, it’s about finding better problems. It’s not about avoiding failure, it’s about getting better at failure. It’s not about knowing everything, but becoming more comfortable in not knowing anything.

Mark Manson

Once the word-of-mouth kicked in, the book took off in a matter of months and was included in the New York Times Bestsellers list at #1 selling over 10 million copies worldwide to date.

The book has been translated into 30 languages and reached #1 in fourteen different countries. At the time of this article, The subtle art of not giving a f*ck is on New York Times’s Top 10 Bestsellers List and it’s been sitting there for 249 weeks.

Resilience, happiness and freedom come from knowing what to care about–and most importantly, what not to care about. This is a masterful, philosophical and practical book that will give readers the wisdom to be able to do just that.

Ryan Holiday, New York Times bestselling author of The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy

Everything is f*cked (2020)

He looks at our relationships with money, entertainment and the internet, and how too much of a good thing can psychologically eat us alive. He openly defies our definitions of faith, happiness, freedom — and even hope itself.

Mark Manson has succeeded in explaining a crazy world to an entire generation by invoking hard science, moral philosophy, and gobs of hilarious wit. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, question your beliefs, and (hopefully) change your life.

Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

15 million people read his site every year

His writing flows effortlessly off the page because it is the result of continuous style crafting, looking to strike a balance between stories, psychological insights and irreverent jokes.

I like to say that I’ve declared a new sub-genre of personal development based on solid science, pragmatic applications, and a bit of old fashioned “go fuck yourself” wisdom. I sometimes think of it as Negative Self-Help — an approach to personal growth that’s not based on what feels good, but rather on what feels bad. Because getting good at feeling bad is what allows us to feel good.

Mark Manson

After a few years of going broke several times, moving in with his mother and working 10–16 hours a day, his online businesses finally took off. He starts earning a full-time steady income while travelling the world as a digital nomad at 25.

Seven years later he had been to 60 countries, from Ukraine to China and India, Germany and Portugal and learned to speak three languages.

During his travelling years, he lived life to the fullest, experiencing emotional highs and lows.

In 2009, he started blogging as a way to promote his business and soon, the blog took off and became very successful.

Happiness is like being cool: the harder you try the less it’s going to happen. So stop trying. Start living.

Mark Manson

His counterintuitive approach to living a good life and his blunt to-the-point writing style make a powerful combination which earned him a large readership.

Over the years, his blog became one of the largest personal growth websites in the world with more than 15 million monthly readers and 500.000 newsletter subscribers.

20,000 people have taken his online courses at The Subtle Art School

Join the BRAND MINDS 2022 and watch Mark Manson speak about How to improve your personal leadership!



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