Nassim Taleb, James Clear, and Renee Mauborgne are among the speakers announced at BRAND MINDS 2023

3 min readOct 21, 2022

With over 7000 professionals from 50 countries expected to attend next year, BRAND MINDS is one of the top 5 largest business conferences in Europe.

Here is the lineup of amazing global business thinkers speakers at BRAND MINDS 2023 (two more will be announced soon):

JAMES CLEAR, Bestselling Author of ‘Atomic Habits’ will teach you:

  • 3 ways to form better habits and stick to them;
  • What is the power of tiny gains and how to use it for continuous improvement;
  • How to design the life & career you want through habit systems;
  • How to achieve meaningful results without overwhelming yourself.

BLAIR SINGER, World Famous Sales Expert will teach you:

  • 1 simple, time-proven process of selling that will generate great income for most businesses in any industry;
  • The 5 most important selling skills to master;
  • How to overcome any objection;
  • How to choose the best professionals for your star sales team.

RENEE MAUBORGNE, Bestselling Author of Blue Ocean Strategy & Blue Ocean Shift will teach you:

  • The framework for creating a blue ocean for your business;
  • Essential tools & templates to outcompete bigger companies;
  • Key steps to uncover untapped business growth opportunities.

NEIL PATEL, Digital Marketing Expert will teach you:

  • 5 powerful SEO lessons;
  • 7 practical content marketing tips;
  • His Top 5 favourite growth marketing frameworks;
  • How to build an ultra-engaged audience that will also buy.

NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB, Author & Risk Analyst will teach you:

  • 6 mistakes executives make in risk management;
  • Why Big Data brings more risks than it solves;
  • How to take risks you understand, instead of trying to understand the risks you are taking;
  • Why business owners should study risk-taking, not risk management.

DUNCAN WARDLE, Innovation Expert & Creative Director Disney will teach you:

  • 8 creative behaviours and how to use them to think more creatively;
  • 5 lateral thinking tools allowing your team to innovate;
  • How to outperform your competition by challenging the rules of your industry;
  • Frameworks for creating a sustainable culture of innovation and creativity throughout your organization.

LYNDA GRATTON, Future of Work Strategy Expert @London Business School will teach you:

  • The top 3 skills a team leader needs to build a highly engaged team;
  • How to create efficient frameworks to build a high-performing team;
  • How to reimagine creative, new approaches to the development of company culture;
  • Discover the most frequent mistakes leaders make that result in low team engagement.

Your story starts today. Join BRAND MINDS and take the first step toward achieving your goals!

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