Tara Westover LIVE at BRAND MINDS 2020

Tara Westover / Photo by Fergal Phillips

Tara Westover is one of today’s Best Selling Authors and a keynote speaker at BRAND MINDS 2020.

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‘Educated: A Memoir’ — No 1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List 2019

At the time of this article, Tara’s memoir ‘Educated’ has been No 1 on the New York Times Best Sellers for the past 70 weeks.

‘Educated’ Awards and Recognition

Educated earned a slew of awards among which:

  • Book of the Year by the American Booksellers Association;
  • One of the New York Times’s 10 Best Books of 2018;
  • Winner of the Goodreads Choice Award for Autobiography;
  • Amazon Editors’ pick for the Best Book of 2018;
  • Apple’s Best Memoir of the Year;
  • Audible’s Best Memoir of the Year;
  • Long-listed for the 2019 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence.
Bill Gates and Tara Westover / tarawestover.com

Tara’s process of self-discovery is beautifully captured in Educated. It’s the kind of book that I think everyone will enjoy, no matter what genre you usually pick up. She’s a talented writer, and I suspect this book isn’t the last we’ll hear from her. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Bill Gates

Her amazing life story of overcoming a difficult childhood

Now in her 30s, Tara Westover is the youngest of seven children. She lived on a mountain in rural Idaho with her siblings and survivalist Mormon parents.

No birth certificate but a PhD from Cambridge University

Tara didn’t have a birth certificate due to her parents’ extremism and didn’t attend primary school but when she got older she decided she wanted to go to college. Her parents didn’t support her because she was going against their family values.

I think education is really just a process of self-discovery, of developing a sense of yourself and what you think.

Tara Westover

She graduated Magna cum Laude and subsequently won a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

It’s an engrossing read, a fresh perspective on the power of education, and it’s also a testament to the way grit and resilience can shape our lives.{…} Tara’s upbringing was so different from my own, but learning about her world gave me insight into lives and experiences that weren’t a part of my own journey. To me, it’s an example of the extraordinary power of storytelling.

Michelle Obama, in the New York Times

100 Most Influential People in 2019 by Time Magazine

Time Magazine included Tara Westover in their list of 100 Most Influential People of 2019 which features artists, activists, politicians and entrepreneurs, chosen for their exciting and impactful ideas.

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Tara Westover joins the rest of our speakers: Malcolm Gladwell, Michio Kaku and Martin Lindstrom.