The Downfall of Toys R Us — Don’t Blame Amazon!

Well, it’s not entirely true: Amazon had a hand in the downfall of Toys R Us, but it was one of many reasons the giant toy retailer fell to the ground.

Here are 6 reasons for the downfall of Toys R Us:

1. Failure to adapt and innovate

2. Competing on price alone

3. The nefarious Amazon Deal

4. Failure to embrace the community in the age of e-commerce and social media

5. From The Ultimate Experience to No Experience

6. Management myopia

Retailers today, especially in any kind of fashion or trend segment, have to progress. They have to morph, they have to modify. They have to represent the changes in the marketplace and their customers’ behaviour. Toys R Us has never been able to wrap their arms around the changes necessary, and this is the inevitable outcome.”

Mark A. Cohen, director of retail studies at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, a former retail executive



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